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Would you say that your style is in more of the western variety? You’re not the only one and many people around the world have a similar feeling. Ranging from western boots to straw hats, our western apparel store will be sure to find you something that you can feel great about.

At El Nuevo Rancho Grande, we specialize in finding the highest quality western apparel out there. From one western store to another, our associates find some of the best quality gear for your closet. Specifically, we look for the boots that will last you a while and hats that you’ll be proud to wear everyday. The best leather materials are the ones that will make you the happiest, which is why we’ll give you the highest quality at the best price.

Come to El Nuevo Rancho Grande in San Jose, CA, today to see our western apparel and enjoy some of our authentic Latin ice cream.

Western Straw Hats | Cowboy Boots | Authentic Latin Ice Cream

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